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CoLLearn's Cricket Umpiring with Sriharsha K

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India’s First Ever Full-fledged Cricket Umpiring course

22+ hours Live Classroom Sessions

Six Months of Mentorship & Assured Internship

Instructor signed Certificates endorsed by CoLLearn

Sriharsha K

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Who is this course for?

  • All aspiring Cricket Umpires who wish to take it up as a profession

  • Students who want to pursue a career in Cricket Umpiring

  • Working professionals who desire to pursue Crciket Umpiring as side hustles

  • Parents, trainers, coaches, teachers, ex-cricketers etc. who want to officiate cricket matches for their kids/students

  • Each and every cricket fan who want to be actively involved in the game of cricket

What will you learn?

Session 1 – Planning and Preparation (January 10th,  2022)

2 Hours (07:00 PM – 9:00 PM)
  • Laws regarding: Bat and Ball

  • Pitch and Stumps

  • Maintenance of playing area

Session 2 – Managing the Match Part-1(January 12th, 2022)

2 Hours (07:00 PM – 9:00 PM)
  • Extra deliveries: Wide-ball

  • No-ball

  • Byes

  • Leg-Byes

Session 3- Managing the Match Part-2 (January 14th, 2022)

2 Hours (07:00 PM – 9:00 PM)
  • Appeals and Dismissals: Bowled

  • Caught

  • Hit Wicket

  • Hit the ball twice

Session 4 – Managing the Match Part-3 (January 17th, 2022)

2 Hours (07:00 PM – 9:00 PM)
  • Appeals and Dismissals: LBW

  • Run Out

Session 5 – Managing the Match Part-4 (January 19th, 2022)

2 Hours (07:00 PM – 9:00 PM)
  • Appeals and Dismissals: Stumped

  • Timed Out

  • Obstructing the Field

Session 6 – Unfair Play Part-1
(January 21st, 2022)

2 Hours (07:00 PM – 9:00 PM)
  • Bouncers & Beamers

  • Running Out the Non-striker

  • Fielders’ Obstruction

  • Deliberate front-foot No-Ball

  • Fielders’ Deception

Session 7 – Players’ Conduct Part-1 (January 24th, 2022)

2 Hours (07:00 PM – 9:00 PM)
  • Level-1 Offences

  • Level-2 Offences

Session 8 – Players’ Conduct Part-2 (January 28th, 2022)

2 Hours (07:00 PM – 9:00 PM)
  • Level-3 Offences

  • Level-4 Offences

  • Report Writing by Umpires

Six Months Mentorship & Assured Internship
  • We will help you prepare for the umpiring exams of your respective State Cricket Association and also the Cricket South Africa Level-1 Umpiring Exams by conducting mock exams and solving previous papers

  • One-on-one reviews

  • Doubt clearing sessions

  • Live session: Umpiring analysis

  • Live session: Test match playing conditions

  • Signature sessions with world-class umpiring experts

  • We will also address all your queries during this period

Assured Internship in Bangalore (with food and accommodation provided)

You will get an Assured Internship for up to a month with the largest cricket academies in Bangalore, wherein you can practice your learned umpiring skills and become more confident. This opportunity will only be available to the candidates who can travel to Bangalore. This internship could also result in a full-time employment. The candidate will be eligible for an Internship Completion Certificate.

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Use the skills learnt in the course to secure your position as an umpire in national/international tournaments, leagues and corporate matches.


Students' reviews on LinkedIn

Rishi Ramsai
Rishi RamsaiFinancial Analyst at ABInBev
Read More
Very happy and exciting to complete the course on Cricket Umpiring. Well designed course with Video Analysis and thorough insights on all MCC laws and different playing conditions.
Gauri Dhandarphale
Gauri DhandarphaleFounding Partner & Director at Vagrms Services
Read More
CoLLearn and Sriharsha Kuchimanchi, Happy to have successfully completed the Umpiring course conducted by Collearn.
Sandeep Chavan
Sandeep ChavanFinancial Analyst at ABInBev
Read More
Completed umpiring course through CoLLearn. It was an Amazing session, where was able to learn the all the Laws of cricket 🏏. Thanks to Sriharsha Kuchimanchi guidance. He has an abundance of Cricket knowledge.
Sagar Raghavendra
Sagar RaghavendraSenior Analyst at Dell EMC
Read More
It's was really amazing to be part of Cricket Umpiring course I really learnt a lot, being a differently able person I don't know if I get an opportunity or not but the course and my certificate and the Collearn team made me more comfortable and gave me very good platform. so thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity.
Dhruv Manchanda
Dhruv ManchandaAssociate Partner at LexCounsel
Read More
Excited and happy to complete the cricket umpiring course with Sriharsha Kuchimanchi and CoLLearn. The umpiring course was really helpful and gave a wonderful insight of MCC laws of cricket. The best part of the course was the video analysis of different match situations. Look forward to doing some matches.
Hariharan Sankaranarayanan
Hariharan SankaranarayananEquity Research Analyst at CRISIL GR&RS
Read More
I’ve always had a fond passion for cricket. Though I couldn’t pursue cricket, due to my academic commitments, I’ve always wanted to do something relating to the game and umpiring in particular. That’s when I found about this course through a like-minded friend, to do something I am passionate about. The course was an eye-opener, covering from the laws of the game to handling match situations, with various anecdotes in between.
Erfanullah Syed
Erfanullah SyedPhD
Read More
Very informative course in Cricket Umpiring by Sriharsha and CoLLearn team!
Prashant Bapat
Prashant BapatAssociate Partner at LexCounsel
Read More
It was an amazing course by Sriharsha Kuchimanchi Sir. Got to learn so many new things. Many things were not known in umpiring to me. Got excellent coaching with different videos which were really helpful. Thank you for expanding my knowledge.
Nitin Murage
Nitin MurageGC instrument Analyst.
Read More
Hii today it was great day for me cause of I completed my Cricket Umpiring course under the Guidance of Sriharsha Sir. every weekend it was Nice , knowledgeable session for us.
Arivind Sukumar
Arivind SukumarTechnical Lead
Read More
The umpiring course with CoLLearn mentored by Sriharsha Kuchimanchi was amazing, actually before taking up this course, I thought umpiring is some boring job when compared to cricket players. But after completion of this courses and the insights given by our mentor sriharsha kuchimanchi, I love umpiring more